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Occam’s Razor

The definition of what a comic is, the “juxtaposed pictorial and other images in deliberate sequence, intended to convey information and/or produce an aesthetic response in the viewer” seems a bit too much. I mean, I’ve looked up what other people’s definitions for comics were and either they were similar to that, using similar words or trying way too hard… Read more →

Campaigns Within Graphic Novels

Like every week, I sit in my room and contemplate “what can I bring to the table in regards to discussion about graphic novels.” Most of the time I’m stumped, but this week I was scanning my room for inspiration and my eyes caught my textbook “Political Communication Campaigns.” It got me thinking! Outside of political cartoons, are comics used… Read more →

Transmedia, Superhero Movies and Comic Books

Over the years, storytelling has expanded across multiple types of media. This idea of transmedia content has greatly affected the world of comic books and how we see our favorite characters. These days new superhero movies are coming out every year that bring a light to characters that were only before found in comics. When producing movies like The Avengers… Read more →

Synesthesia: A Modern Day Superpower

In the world of science fiction there is almost no limit to the talent or abilities a superhero might possess. The word superhero itself has the power to conjure up many fantastical images and anomalies, and the characters who exhibit these qualities infuse the genre with a certain uniqueness and excitement. From an early age I’ve always been fascinated with… Read more →

“No Girls Allowed!” – Cartoon Network’s Unofficial Motto for Superheroes

  Even though the female audience in comic books and superheroes is becoming more acknowledged these days much of the genre is still geared towards males. Especially when it comes to the television shows and merchandise. This became apparent after the cancellation of Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series on Cartoon Network. Both shows had a dedicated fanbase… Read more →

What graphic novel are you reading?

One question that I was extremely interested about finding more about was the difference between the Westernized  comic book, opposed to the Japenese Manga. When I first approached this I was thinking to myself that they are both graphic novels that tell a story through text and pictures. If they were the same thing though then there would be one… Read more →

Superheroine: Taking the Lead!

From the creative teams and their readers, to the heroes themselves, the world of comics is filled with men. Why wouldn’t it be? With the dominance of male driven story lines, for years it has seemed as though companies like DC and Marvel could care less about marketing towards women. It is hard to find comics with a strong female… Read more →

What’s in a Name?

I’d like to start my first work for this blog to address something of a concern of mine which while I consider important, not necessarily interesting enough to go into outside of this type of format. As someone who’s been only really following comics for the last three to four years, one thing that’s always bothered me is the classification… Read more →

Spiderman: Old vs New

Major spoilers Over the decades comic books have gotten more and more publicity; becoming a respected form of literature, telling in depth stories that in a different  format than traditional books. As time progresses comics become less focused on the action itself and more on character development; their complicated pasts, moral dilemmas, and their everyday interactions with friends and family.Case… Read more →