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Zombies Best Dressed in Black and White

Season six of The Walking Dead kicked off on AMC this past Sunday, and fans were greeted to (slight) SPOILER ALERT: unquestionably the biggest horde of zombies to date, as well as buzz worthy black and white sequences juxtaposing up against the series typical color format. This unique shift in the show’s typical form was used to indicate past and present occurrences… Read more →

Synesthesia: A Modern Day Superpower

In the world of science fiction there is almost no limit to the talent or abilities a superhero might possess. The word superhero itself has the power to conjure up many fantastical images and anomalies, and the characters who exhibit these qualities infuse the genre with a certain uniqueness and excitement. From an early age I’ve always been fascinated with… Read more →

Color: Subliminal and Powerful

The first aspect of a comic that most people notice is the visual artwork. In polychromatic comics, color usage is a significant component in engaging the reader and effectively communicating key features of the story. One of the important functions of color is to identify characters and distinguish objects from each other. In comics, the fictional world exists in panels. By ‘assigning’ specific colors to each… Read more →

Affecting the Mind one Color at a Time

To have color or not to have color, that is the question. Most comic writers choose the former in this day and age and there are even more companies that think it is their job to color the once uncolored. Is this really an improvement? What does color add? Some readers believe that having color distracts from the artistry and… Read more →

Color; or, Lack Thereof

When it comes to graphic novels, something that always seemed incredibly striking to me was the amount of color being thrown into your face. I mean, look at this cover of a classic Superman comic: So much color that the fact that Superman is literally breaking chains kind of gets away from the viewer. You’re drawn to the giant, white number one,… Read more →

More Than A Hue

Asterios Polyp is all about style, but one of its most effectual techniques for me is its use of color. The colors chosen, as well as the shades and intensity chosen within the color, show a lot of thought put into them by the artist (and writer), David Mazzucchelli. The book uses blue, purple, yellow and red, plus the white… Read more →

Color, Yin-and-Yang, and the Metapicture

this post contains spoilers Asterios Polyp, more than any of the other graphic novel’s we have read so far, uses an abstract way of showing emotions and feelings of separation and closeness that is not simply through facial emotions or text.  One such way is Mazzucchelli’s use of color.  Instead of using black for panel borders, text, and outlines of… Read more →

The Greatest Color Story Ever Told

Again, disclaimer as enthusiast and non-authority (and misleading title is misleading.) So we’ve had some posts discussing layout (by chewedanimaltoys) and lettering (by myself) in comics, I’d like to try to continue in that vein by discussing the element of color in comics! Now, of course not all comics need to be in color. The most easily called to mind… Read more →