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Zombies Best Dressed in Black and White

Season six of The Walking Dead kicked off on AMC this past Sunday, and fans were greeted to (slight) SPOILER ALERT: unquestionably the biggest horde of zombies to date, as well as buzz worthy black and white sequences juxtaposing up against the series typical color format. This unique shift in the show’s typical form was used to indicate past and present occurrences… Read more →

Beauty of Black and White

Die Stadt, or The City, was a fascinating graphic adventure. When originally discussing the work, we were asked to look for any examples of an overall narrative feature to the work, and I believe that the most pronounced story exists in the city itself. The story being told is not one that deals simply with a construction worker, a woman in… Read more →

Absent Color Full of Light

As I mentioned in my first blog post, my experience with comics is not very complex. So in thinking about how I would like to broaden my knowledge on “The Graphic Novel” I decided to look to the East. My sister is in love with Manga, but I have next to no knowledge on this genre, so I thought I… Read more →