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Batman Villains and Mental Illness

Batman’s home city of Gotham canonically contains a high-security prison. Many dangerous criminals have been incarcerated in Blackgate Penitentiary thanks to Batman’s crime-fighting, and various storylines (most recently the film The Dark Knight Rises) have involved those inmates breaking out to wreak havoc on the city. Another Gotham institution, however, features in more breakout storylines than Blackgate, and is much more well-known… Read more →

My Top Five of Ridiculous Comic Crossovers

Comic crossovers are not usual, but sometimes the comic industry takes it too far. I will admit I do enjoy reading crossovers with DC and Marvel superheroes working together or fighting each other. There are a couple ridiculous crossovers that are not limited to literary characters, real people, or mascots. I have five examples of these listed:   5. Charles… Read more →

Hero or Villain?

Some heroes and villains, like Batman and Joker, are easy to tell which side they’re on. But there are those in the comic book world who aren’t as easily classified. General Thunderbolt Ross of Marvel Comics is a member of the United States military, constantly hunting the Hulk. Despite not being seen as a criminal, he was named IGN’s 71st… Read more →

The True Sequel

These days characters are no longer limited to their original format. Batman has spread from the pages of his comic book and found major success in the box office as well as in literature while film stars have gone in the opposite direction on the same path. Video game characters have also left their consoled homes for the big screens… Read more →

Super Human

One of the most fascinating characteristics I find about Batman is that he is the symbol of what humans can be. Unlike Superman, Batman was born as an ordinary human being, and his desire for justice motivated him to work become one of the greatest heroes in the world. He may not be able to fly, read minds, or go… Read more →

Comics and Film: The Popularity of the Dark Superhero

David Cronenberg, director of the loose graphic novel adaptation A History of Violence recently sounded off on his disapproval of the recent fanfare and critical acclaim for Christopher Nolan’s Batman film trilogy saying “I think it’s still Batman running around in a stupid cape, I just don’t think it’s elevated.” He went on further to say “A superhero movie, by… Read more →