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Up with Rating, Down with Banning

In class this week we started to read Fun Home. We have also been discussing the various controversies that have surrounded the teaching of this work at other colleges and schools. As well as having a lengthy discussion about banning books. Personally I myself do not think that books are something that should be banned. Not all books are appropriate… Read more →

Ultraman to the Ultra-conservative

While most people lose sight of religion in graphic novels, Malaysia has banned a comic for reasons related to religion. When we read comic books or graphic novels, we usually over look the religion that underlies the comic or that is not so evident to the reader. According to an article titled Superheroes and Faith, Superman is Methodist, Batman is… Read more →

Who’s Banning the Watchmen? : Teaching Watchmen in High Schools

Banned books are commonly discussed in schools across America in many different ways. Some schools read ‘banned’ books and discuss the controversy surrounding that book, and other schools discuss the next book they want to ban. However, when one talks about banned books, one probably does not think about a ban on graphic novels being taught. At least in my… Read more →