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Dystopia, Battle Angel Style!

The idea of a futuristic, dystopian society has been toyed with in media for ages. With such a huge focus on electronics and robotics, it was only natural that Japan’s appetite for future-tech would roll over into the manga sphere. Akira was one of the most popular out of this trend in manga, along with Neon Genesis Evangelion and Astro… Read more →

Importance of Words

The web comic project we’ve been working over the last couple of weeks made me begin to question the use of words in a comic, and how they come into play. My role in this project was helping decideĀ on the script and where in the comic the words should go. A quick Google search on the purpose of text in… Read more →

To Panel, or not to Panel?

Our most recent readings in class have led to me wonder about the structure of graphic novels and whether or not that structure even exists. I mean, compare these two pictures, one from What It Is, the other a Garfield comic strip. One is extremely structured and has a regulated, paneled structure, while the other is kind of all over… Read more →