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The Importance of Character Design

When you pick up and begin to read a prose book, the characters in the story are inherently formless. The first time you run into a character, you only have a few distinct descriptors to hold onto–”a tall redhead,” “a stern-looking man.” As you continue to read and the character takes more action in the story, more little pieces of… Read more →

Connection of Style and Story

From artist to artist, there have always been stylistic differences in art and literature. Of course different artists have different abilities and styles, but how they use a particular style becomes prevalent in regards to the story they tell. The medium of Graphic Novels is an example of this, as artists/writers not only control the actions of a story through… Read more →

Little Nemo ≠ Finding Nemo

It’s odd to think that comics and graphic novels existed in the 1900s, as well as earlier. I think we’re just accustomed to associating the term “graphic novel” to the works of Frank Miller and Alan Moore. I personally always think of Watchmen. I never would have thought that a series like Little Nemo could share anything in common with the bloody, sexually graphic book… Read more →