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Translation from book to film: Anime edition.

There are several other articles on this site discussing source material translated into film adaptations. And while there are many different mediums to draw from, I would like to focus on the making of Manga (Japanese comic style) to Anime, to which there are some pros, but overall I would like to argue that there much more cons. There are… Read more →

To Adapt, or Not to Adapt

For many viewers an adaption of a beloved piece of fiction, whether it be a novel or comic, can spell utter disaster. Adaptions often seem to leave much to be desired, but for a select few I would argue adaptions have the capacity to substantially¬†enhance a work as a whole. Another fellow blogger, mkarrs, elaborates further on particular aspects that… Read more →

Naruto’s Never Ending Story

My second eldest brother loves video games and Naruto. I first watched the anime, a style of Japanese animation, with him back in 2011 or 2012 and instantly loved the characters. From then, I started the first episode and watched all 220 of them¬†in one summer. It was great, I was invested in the story and characters and I knew… Read more →

Super Hero Time

I have noted a difference between American comic book superheroes and Japanese tokusatsu superheroes. Tokusatsu is a term for live action with special effects, like in the Godzilla movies. Not only is there a difference in the form of media, there is a difference in the way they are presented. In the United States, we have superheroes from DC and… Read more →

The Hair Makes the Character

The manga art style is known for being highly stylized and unique. One could discuss for hours about any number of drawing techniques that is used by this highly inventive medium. However one physical feature stands above the rest, being the most stylized and detailed in both manga and anime characters alike, that being the crazily unique hair styles. Manga/anime… Read more →