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Banning Books and Banning Thought

This past week of class seemed to revolve around a common idea: why ban a book, and in particular, why this book? While Fun Home has the effect of making people uncomfortable, does it warrant the amount of resulting controversy? While students are warranted in expressing their discomfort with the novel, I believe it is an issue with what we… Read more →

Intimacy and Sentiment in the Graphic Memoir

A memoir is a written account of an author’s memories or personal experiences. Prior to taking the Graphic Novel course, I had only experienced traditional books, or even one or two film interpretations under this genre. I hadn’t considered a graphic novel to be a medium used to convey personal experiences, mostly because I hadn’t read many to begin with. It wasn’t until reading Alison Bechdel’s Fun… Read more →

But is it Art?

While there have been many interesting discussions about our current text, Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home, I’ve had a question which I don’t think I can properly structure or is something that could contribute to the conversation in a significant way. Sequential art has more or less become the blanket term for the medium of comic books and graphic novels. It’s… Read more →