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Graphic Novels in the Classroom

In the world of public education, the graphic novel has become increasingly popular with librarians and teachers.  In their transition into the mainstream, graphic novels have seen themselves becoming more and more implemented in classrooms, whether it be through formal lesson plans, extra reading material, etc. They provide a variety of topics and are suitable for all students K-12. The novelty of… Read more →

The U.S. Constitution: A Graphic Novel

I, like many American high schoolers, took AP U.S. Government. I don’t know about people at other high schools, but our required summer reading was the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Have you ever tried to actually read the Constitution? If you haven’t and you want to, you can do so here but it’s pretty dry stuff.… Read more →

Casting in Film Adaptations

Film adaptations seem to be arriving in theaters daily. The Avengers, X-Men First Class, The Dark Knight Trilogy, and many more are just the most recent examples. Graphic novels seem to be a hot commodity in Hollywood right now. After all, 2013 is apparently the years of “comic books, remakes, and sequels.”   The upcoming film The Amazing Spiderman 2 certainly fits all of those categories.… Read more →

Superman: The Man of Many Failed Adaptations

Superman is not among the group of superheroes that have truly flourished in mediums outside of comic books. He is no recent blockbuster success like Spiderman or Batman, though many attempts over the years have tried and failed at bringing the most recognizable hero in the game to other forms of media. Why has Superman failed where others have succeeded?… Read more →