As a regular part of this class, students will be writing timely, interesting blog entries or short articles relevant to our course’s topics: graphic novels and comics. Rotating in one of three blogging cohorts, each student is responsible for a total of four blog articles.

Checklist for Blog Articles


Finally, a third group of students will be dedicated to the task of reflecting on the course readings and classroom experience that week, drawing connections between the material and reflecting on their significance to the broader goals and projects of the class, as well as whatever else seems appropriate. Besides sharing your personal ideas about our texts, the secondary purpose of these reflection posts will be to generate followup discussion via comments. Be prepared to receive (and reply to!) comments on your post. These reflections will also be posted as blog entries on our class blog site, but should be filed in the designated “Reflection” category.

Checklist for Reflection Posts


You have already been assigned to one of three blogging cohorts, and the due dates you see in Canvas correspond to that cohort. Since this is handled by Canvas and available to you there, you are responsible for track of those due dates and preparing your blog articles and reflections for timely submission.


The basic process for both blog entries and reflections is the same. Consult the checklists linked above for more specific guidelines and rubrics.

Step 1: Write your post.

Step 2. Publish it.

Step 3: Submit the permalink to the appropriate in Canvas. (The published link to your article should not end in “&preview=true”; if it does, you probably need to revisit Step 2.)