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Making a Cartoon Reality

Last week after reading “Vacation Time,” I was super excited to recreate the comic using my group members and I. We had quite the laugh trying to make the insane faces and confusing poses that Donald and the other animals made in the comic. It was actually pretty difficult to contort our bodies into some positions, such as the panel… Read more →

Banning Books and Banning Thought

This past week of class seemed to revolve around a common idea: why ban a book, and in particular, why this book? While Fun Home has the effect of making people uncomfortable, does it warrant the amount of resulting controversy? While students are warranted in expressing their discomfort with the novel, I believe it is an issue with what we… Read more →

Fun Home – Art/Text

After completing Fun Home by Alison Bechdel, I found it to be an incredibly insightful and intriguing read. The autobiography has won many awards, proving it to be accepted and read by many. However, it has also run into issues regarding underlying themes, such as pedophilia, gay and lesbian characters, and nudity. I don’t believe this book has great amounts… Read more →

Fun Home: A Reflection

The other day, when the class divided themselves into groups to talk about Fun Home, my group seemed to go on tangents about the novel, not really sticking to the questions. However, those tangents allowed our group to talk about things that we probably wouldn’t be comfortable talking about if the entire class was there. I mean sure, we ended… Read more →

Creating a Live Action Comic

Before we started Fun Home, we were focusing on the Donald Duck comics, more specifically the Vacation Time comic by Carl Barks. We focused in detail about how the panels were laid out and drawn, studying the sight lines of characters and the strange proportions of some of the objects within the panel. To try and get us to better engage with this… Read more →

Up with Rating, Down with Banning

In class this week we started to read Fun Home. We have also been discussing the various controversies that have surrounded the teaching of this work at other colleges and schools. As well as having a lengthy discussion about banning books. Personally I myself do not think that books are something that should be banned. Not all books are appropriate… Read more →

Comic to Reality

Last Wednesday, my group and I had a blast walking around campus trying to contort our bodies into position for the Donald Duck frames. The assignment questioned whether or not it was possible to project our reality into the comics while keeping the same essence of meaning and movement. While it is was not possible to completely copy the page… Read more →

The Censoring of Comics

While not every book is for everyone, I don’t believe anyone has the right to spoil other people’s fun. If a person thinks a book is pornographic and refuses to read it that’s their personal choice but why do so many feel compelled to try and force everyone to see it like that? Why should everyone be forced to stop… Read more →

Trivial Pursuit Reflection

Over the past few weeks, my webcomic group has been constructing a comic detailing Ferdinand Magellan’s navigation around the world in search for his father’s last hidden treasure. I figured I would reflect on this experience, in further detail than our “reflection” papers. When the groups were initially established and the job descriptions were originally read, I knew immediately what… Read more →

Reflection: Web Comic Process

I really enjoyed the process of making the Web Comic overall. It was really cool for me because I wasn’t directly involved in the creative process however, I saw the beginning stages of all the comics. It was also eye opening to see how many stages it took to get a Web Comic up and going. From the initial braining… Read more →