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The helpful hand of comics

Reading is important. Not only does it expand your knowledge and your vocabulary but it also improves memory, develops strong analytical skills, and improves brain connectivity and function. It is necessary to create a strong mind in our young. Unfortunately most kids don’t latch on to books willingly and that’s where comic books have a good part to play. Not… Read more →

Intimacy and Sentiment in the Graphic Memoir

A memoir is a written account of an author’s memories or personal experiences. Prior to taking the Graphic Novel course, I had only experienced traditional books, or even one or two film interpretations under this genre. I hadn’t considered a graphic novel to be a medium used to convey personal experiences, mostly because I hadn’t read many to begin with. It wasn’t until reading Alison Bechdel’s Fun… Read more →

Scott Pilgrim vs The Movie

Scott Pilgrim ,created by Bryan Lee O’Malley,  was inspired by the manga style of comic in 2004. Later this westernized manga would become a New York Times best-selling graphic novel series. Then in 2010 it would get adapted into a major motion picture. For those who don’t know what the Scott Pilgrim series is about its about a twenty-three year old… Read more →

A New Kind of Authority

The Authority has a reputation for being experimental and breaking down many of the classic comic book tropes. It was first published in 1999 under Wildstorm who is owned by DC Comics. The Authority is most noted for having pro-feminist ideals, featuring one of the first openly gay superhero couples, and having a team of benevolent superheroes that eventually usurps… Read more →

The Origins of Monsters in Monstress

There are many kinds of monsters in the world.  This much is clear in Image Comics’ Monstress #1, written by Marjorie Liu, and drawn by Sana Takeda, who both last teamed up in Marvel’s X-23.  Of course, the presence of monsters in this book is a given, thanks to the name, but Liu works at a deeper truth to what it really… Read more →

Where in the Universe Did Supergirl Come From?

Origin stories are the staple of any superhero character. You could know nothing about the plot of the comic or the name of the creator, but its almost a guarantee that someone will know the origin story of a major superhero. Almost everyone knows that Superman was the last surviving person from Krypton who crashed landed on Earth to avoid… Read more →

Mary Sues and Gary Stus

If you are reading this article, you should already know about the term that is used to describe a lot of characters from various media in a bad way. The term originated in fan fiction, but it is now being used to describe every character that fits the strangely large criteria. “Mary Sue” can be used to describe characters that… Read more →

Clearing the air and theorizing

Like everything in life there is always going to be confusion and misconception even when it comes down to the simplest of things. For example everyone in their life has to introduce themselves to someone else. You may have done it yesterday, you may have to do it tomorrow, or you may even have done it earlier today. In different… Read more →

Single Panel Comics Have Rights Too!!!

A few weeks ago in class, we discussed Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics and how it could give us some definitions and basic rules to follow when reading comics and looking for interpretive language to help in our quest to figure out what comics are. What we concluded is that single panel comics such as Family Circus, are not considered comics but… Read more →

Why do we love to break down that 4th wall?

4th wall breaking is a reinforcement that the characters are aware of the audience, or are aware that they inhabit a form of media. 4th wall breaking that is specific to comics in interacting with the panel lines, gutters, and word bubbles.  The most famous example of this today is the Marvel anti-hero Deadpool, but this has been a style… Read more →