Blogging Checklist

A blog is, first and foremost, a collaborative project where all of us may create content that we think will be interesting to an audience that cares about literary comics and graphic novels. You goal is simply to create substantive content within this system that contributes to that goal. Your primary, target audience, therefore, when you write a blog entry is not yourself, your classmates, or even your instructor. Instead, it’s that general public that may be interested in this class or in our topics. Keep that in mind. This outward-looking orientation for blog writing has some interesting implications  that we’ll likely encounter as the class blog develops. This will include the fact that other people will actually read your blog entries. They may even post a comment responding to your ideas; this is usually a good thing, and it’s pretty exciting.

The content of your blog entries may cover anything related to comics and graphic novels, and not necessarily just those we’re studying in the class. Simply contribute something new. You may want to profile a comics genre that we haven’t studied, you could provide a novel theoretical point of view to one of our primary texts, you might teach a useful drawing technique, or you could trace the development of a theme across multiple works. These are just a few ideas.

Blog entries should be long enough to explore a topic or question, develop an idea or two, and come to some conclusion. At a minimum, each blog entry you write must include the following:

  • An interesting, unique title (not “blog entry #1”)
  • At least one image, properly uploaded and inserted (do not use “insert by URL”)
  • Tags (3 – 5 keywords relating to content)
  • An appropriate category (any one category other than “reflection”)
  • Links (at least one)
  • Originality (if other bloggers have addressed your topic in any way, link to their posts and make it very clear what you’re adding to the discussion.)
  • Something that I didn’t know before I read your work