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My take on censorship

After scrolling through the blog I noticed a lot being said about censorship due to our discussions about Fun Home this past week during class. I thought I would give my input on the topic of censorship. I feel that censorship is extremely tricky. One side being that you shouldn’t deprive someones learning due to discomfort. For instance obviously the… Read more →

Clearing the air and theorizing

Like everything in life there is always going to be confusion and misconception even when it comes down to the simplest of things. For example everyone in their life has to introduce themselves to someone else. You may have done it yesterday, you may have to do it tomorrow, or you may even have done it earlier today. In different… Read more →

Live action

After reading Akira in class and also watching scenes from the movie it got me thinking about a different style of adaption. Inevitably with manga comes anime shortly followed by live action. Live action is where real characters are living in the animated worlds we love so much, the catch is that even the settings are no longer animated. (in most… Read more →


For a long time video games have had a negative stigma. They have been viewed as “childish” and something you shouldn’t base a career around. Furthermore most people would most likely say that video games are not a sport. This is actually a complete lie. During the 2014 championship the game  League of Legends generated 27 million viewers. The point… Read more →

What it is, is saddening

While reading What it is, I noticed how incredibly somber it is. Although Barry does prompt very abstract questions like what is an image? Or do we feel experiences or do they feel us? All these questions are very intriguing but something that I think is overlooked is how truly depressing this book is. Literally the opening lines in this has an… Read more →

What graphic novel are you reading?

One question that I was extremely interested about finding more about was the difference between the Westernized  comic book, opposed to the Japenese Manga. When I first approached this I was thinking to myself that they are both graphic novels that tell a story through text and pictures. If they were the same thing though then there would be one… Read more →

Reflection Will Eisner’s Readings

One popular misconception that is held is that graphic novels are “childish” and things among that nature. We did read some pretty adult themed graphic novels so far but after reading “A contract with god” that misconception was put to the grave forever. I think it helps the overall idea of a graphic novel by reinforcing storytelling with pictures and… Read more →

Smoke and Mirrors

What I would like to discuss here is subtext. Merriam Webster Dictionary defines subtext as “the implicit or metaphorical meaning” this definition is huge when it comes to comics, video games etc. If someone does not stop and think about what is presented in front of them they may miss out on many cool things. The case I will be… Read more →

Krazy Kat or Tom the Cat?

The Krazy Kat sereis reminds me of a pre-historic Tom and Jerry. Although there are some key distinctions between the two. Some consistencies  are obviously the characters. Not even that there is a mouse and a cat but furthermore in their world it is surrounded by animals, just like Tom and Jerry. Also Tom and Jerry is notoriously violent just… Read more →