Author: DesireeSW

Hidden Aspects of Asterios Polyp

Everyone besides Asterios and Ignacio had normal, human shaped heads. It could be debated that Mazzucchelli didn’t want the reader to get them mixed up with other characters. However, I see their heads as half of a circle. Putting Asterios’ and Ignacio’s head together would produce a full circle, which represents their connection. Since Ignacio does not exist physically, one half… Read more →

Not Your Regular Graphic Novel

This post contains some spoilers from The Unwritten. I begin this blog post with an anecdote… One Thanksgiving break, a friend and I were driving to Arkansas and in order to entertain ourselves, we brought along the audio version of A Discovery of Witches, by Deborah Harkness. Now this novel is about 20 hours long, so we listened to it when… Read more →

The Truth About the World

What I liked about  Dream Country was that there were so many ideas and themes that reminded me of things I had already read/watched before. It offered a sense of familiarity that made me more open to interpreting the stories. For length’s sake, I’m just going to focus on “Dream of a Thousand Cats.” The first thing that popped out… Read more →

Stereotypical Manga Girls

I’ve read a fair amount of manga, generally Shōjo manga, which are targeted to girls age 11 – 18. Some themes that are focused on are: school romance, magical girl, and historical romance. For this blog post, I will focus on school romance in order to narrow things down. What I’ve noticed is that the main girls shown in these… Read more →