Author: Steve

Comics can Learn from Bob Ross

Bob Ross’ Joy of Painting series has always marveled me for some reason. Whether it be Ross’ colorful one-liners, endlessly upbeat demeanor, or calming sense of style, Joy of Painting is one of my all-time favorite shows. When I first started watching, I was continuously amazed how, in a mere thirty minutes, Ross could take a blank canvas, throw a… Read more →

Superman: The Man of Many Failed Adaptations

Superman is not among the group of superheroes that have truly flourished in mediums outside of comic books. He is no recent blockbuster success like Spiderman or Batman, though many attempts over the years have tried and failed at bringing the most recognizable hero in the game to other forms of media. Why has Superman failed where others have succeeded?… Read more →

Comics and Film: The Popularity of the Dark Superhero

David Cronenberg, director of the loose graphic novel adaptation A History of Violence recently sounded off on his disapproval of the recent fanfare and critical acclaim for Christopher Nolan’s Batman film trilogy saying “I think it’s still Batman running around in a stupid cape, I just don’t think it’s elevated.” He went on further to say “A superhero movie, by… Read more →