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It’s a Lot Harder Than It Looks

After learning that one of our major assignments for this class was to create our own comics, I wasn’t all that excited. It’s not that I struggle with being creative or creating story lines and characters – I just wasn’t all that pumped to have to turn these thoughts into something that was primarily visual. We had a lot of… Read more →

Bucky Bug: Disney’s Lesser-Known Hero

After talking about Disney comics in class, it was interesting to learn that Disney comics range much further than just the standard characters that have come to epitomize the very Disney franchise. For seven decades, Disney has been producing comics for the masses and even managed to create specific protagonists solely for the comic realm. One of the most famous… Read more →

An Unexpected Surprise

In class we discussed each of our experiences with either manga or anime. Stylistically, manga never caught my attention when browsing the book aisles at stores like Barnes and Noble or Books-a-Million. I saw manga and anime as something that was “too eclectic for me to ever enjoy”. In fact, the only recent exposure I’ve had to it was being… Read more →

What Will You Choose?

Whether it’s reading a novel or a graphic novel, I can’t help but wish I could choose what the characters said and did. I loved the Goosebumps book that had you choose your own path, and whatever you chose determined whether or not you’d get out of the haunted house or not. I loved being a part of the narrative… Read more →

“Hidden” Foreshadowing

While reading Watchmen and discussing the content in class, I started to notice the different elements of foreshadowing throughout the chapters. While I was reading the chapters separately, however, I found the seemingly “random interjections” to be confusing and distracting from the actual plot line. After looking back, though, I have noticed that there are clues everywhere in the chapters.… Read more →

Breaking Walls But Not Necessarily Conventions

While there are many known genres to comics (particularly science fiction and crime comics), there is one genre that is considered to be particularly “rare” in the realm of comics: the metacomic. The metacomic is essentially a comic within a comic where the characters break the fourth wall. However, upon learning what classifies a metacomic, I would argue that it… Read more →

The Repetitive Adventures of Mr. Obadiah Oldbuck

Rodolphe Töpffer’s The Adventures of Obadiah Oldbuck follows the main character, Obadiah, and his essential “mid-life crisis”. While this comic was classified in the comedy genre, I have to disagree. Töpffer used a lot of repetitive happenstances, which as an attempt to be funny, only came across as annoying. I couldn’t help but sigh every single time I read:   or  I suppose that… Read more →

Graphic Novels: Revolutionizing the Classroom

When I think about the controversy that surrounds the teaching of graphic novels, I wonder why people are so against using them as a medium. I get that it is exposing students to the “trivial” situations that happen in our everyday lives and sure, we don’t need to be teaching elementary students the dangers of adultery, violence, and the overall… Read more →