Author: smcquade

Asterios Polyp: Better in Theory Than in Practice

Throughout my reading of  Asterios Polyp, I was struck by the occasionally overwhelming level of content and stimulus included by Mazzucchelli on each page.  The multitude of characters (all bearing names and nicknames with potential symbolic meaning) go about their lives (often in completely different settings from page to page [including dream-worlds and imaginary depictions of their perspectives]), being occasionally… Read more →

Take Back the Comics

Last Tuesday, in what was perhaps the most impassioned and content-driven conversations of our class thus far, we discussed the implications of a feminist reading of Watchmen and its characters.  Our discussion was civil and lively, with many students engaging the text critically in way that had been somewhat lacking up to that point.  It was a fruitful discussion that… Read more →

Stephen Colbert’s Tek Jansen: an Adventure Across Media…to Doom!

Over the last 10 years, Stephen Colbert has broken unprecedented pop-culture ground through his character “Stephen Colbert,” an obnoxious blowhard pundit whose narcissism and disregard for reality allow him to insert himself constantly into the news he reports.  What began as a (relatively) simple Bill O’Reilly parody has grown into one of the last decade’s most beloved and inventive comedic… Read more →