Author: cl3ver

The Art of Lettering

As anyone who’s ever read a comic text like “Unwritten” should know, typography is a big deal.  The way letters are shaped, the space in between them, and the thickness of the lines all play a big part in how we read the actual words presented to us.  Inflection is hard to show in plain text (I can’t tell you… Read more →

An Adventure Into The Land Of Nerds

I was originally planning on writing about Comic Con, and how its perception has changed over the years, but then I remembered how I attended a similar convention a few years ago.  Every fall, Maryland hosts the Small Press Expo (SPX), where comic creators and publishers get to give talks and show off their new materials, and a surprising number… Read more →

Contract v. Maus – Truth Stranger Than Fiction?

While reading Will Eisner’s A Contract With God, I was immediately struck by the similarities I was able to draw from it to Art Spiegelman’s Maus, almost in a Lincoln/Kennedy kind of way.   I’ve come up with a small list of these similarities which I’ll try to elaborate on without giving too much away about Maus, which I highly recommend reading.  Black… Read more →