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Fun Home reflection: Sara Francis

Fun Home has been an interesting bit of material to read. Often with books and graphic novels, the stories we are discussing are works of fiction, and while they have a heavy influence from the authors life, fiction is still in the area of dismissal. We can look at it and go ‘wow, that’s awful, these people are terrible characters,’… Read more →

Why do we love to break down that 4th wall?

4th wall breaking is a reinforcement that the characters are aware of the audience, or are aware that they inhabit a form of media. 4th wall breaking that is specific to comics in interacting with the panel lines, gutters, and word bubbles.  The most famous example of this today is the Marvel anti-hero Deadpool, but this has been a style… Read more →

Reflection 2 Sara Francis

Akira, from what I can see, did not become famous for its characters. I don’t find any of them all that compelling.  Keneda is not that smart, not really that interesting, what I find interesting is the mysterious plot and, what I assume is the reason that we are studying this text, the artwork. The dark, dirty city is highlighted… Read more →

Waiting for an update

My group and I have been looking at different web comics for research on how to best utilize the system and the medium. I admit I did not stay in the realm of webcomics, or comics in general. The one page a week was too much to cope with for most of them. It was unreasonable, especially compared to the… Read more →

Sara Francis on creativity?

The Watchmen comic is heavy, sophisticated in the way it tackles the subject that I burn with a jealous rage over how good it is. Silly as it is, in my head I’m going “This comic writer is a better writer than me! I might as well give up now.” I know I shouldn’t, and when it comes down to… Read more →

Translation from book to film: Anime edition.

There are several other articles on this site discussing source material translated into film adaptations. And while there are many different mediums to draw from, I would like to focus on the making of Manga (Japanese comic style) to Anime, to which there are some pros, but overall I would like to argue that there much more cons. There are… Read more →