Author: rwillis

From the Classroom to the Internet: New Mediums for Educational Entertainment

Despite the freedom that the American people have, a depressingly low percentage of people understand the fine inner workings of our legal system and the extent of the freedoms they are extended. In order to obtain a better grasp on this knowledge, Nathan Burney started an informative and entertaining webcomic that addresses the workings of our legal system entitled, “The… Read more →

Allow Me to Brag a Bit

This week I want to brag a little bit about our comic group for Social Butterfly, specifically with regards to our line artist and our color artist, Sebastian and Kelly respectively. Sebastian has a true talent for drawing, and our comic is certainly a testament to that idea. The personal style shown has a unique look with a bit of… Read more →

Page and Screen: Does the Story Die in Translation?

The Walking Dead is one of the most popular examples of a comic book to television adaptation, but the success does not come without risky territory. The biggest complaints about any sort of comic/graphic novel/book adaptation done for the big screen or television series is that story content is either changed drastically or lost entirely. What do these kinds of… Read more →

Creating our Social Butterfly

Coming up with our comic idea was an incredibly interesting experience this past week. I am really proud of the concept our group was able to come up with, but it was the process of coming up with it that really fascinated me. I have always had a difficult time understanding how ideas for the plot of a comic, movie,… Read more →

Good in Every Evil

In the Naruto series there is no character (other than maybe Sasuke) that is so loved and hated at the same time as Itachi Uchiha. He is Sasuke’s older brother in the series, and he is a force to be reckoned with from the very beginning, able to hold his own (literally alone) against the combined power of Naruto and… Read more →

Symmetry in a Perfectly Chaotic World

In class on Friday, we discussed the importance of symmetry in Watchmen and how it shows up all throughout the comic. From the mask, to the panels themselves, to repetitive diner boxes that no one seems to know how to properly dispose of, the reader is caught in an endless loop of balance and seemingly perfect design. Despite how “perfect”… Read more →

Beauty of Black and White

Die Stadt, or The City, was a fascinating graphic adventure. When originally discussing the work, we were asked to look for any examples of an overall narrative feature to the work, and I believe that the most pronounced story exists in the city itself. The story being told is not one that deals simply with a construction worker, a woman in… Read more →