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The Secret Service is Cool

Well, the secret service can be cool and in Kingsman: The Secret Service, it’s just that. Although, I have not been able to read the comic nor have access to the coming movie, I can say that I’m excited for it’s release. The trailer is beyond thrilling and with an odd combination of casting that might actually work out, the… Read more →

Ways To Make The People Chuckle

To start I have always found the small comics on the back of newspapers funny. It was probably the only reason why I wanted the newspaper when I was little. So, it was not surprising that when I went searching for funny comics to blog on, Buzzfeed was my first result. It is self explanatory with the title, 24 Funny Comics… Read more →

Comics or Just Pictures

What it is by Lynda Barry. Quite honestly, what is it? I’m not asking about the message of the novel or the themes or even the symbolism of the novel. Really, I’m just trying to figure out if this novel belongs in our Graphic Novels class, section Comics. It is a graphic novel, there is a mildy creepy story and… Read more →

You Can’t Live Without ‘Em…

While reading For Better or For Worse, I have established that going into Lynn Johnston’s works would be comical. I was thoroughly entertained by the issue published on September 21, 2014. First, I thought the structure of the comic strip to be appropriate for what the comic was trying to convey. The first panel was a long rectangle with an… Read more →

Maybe Not Much Of A Hero

Reading watchmen, I’ve realized that there are a variety of protagonist and antagonist and Watchmen’s really conflicting. I grew up with comic heroes that have one straight line of morals and principles. Then I read Watchmen and my conflict comes from either disregarding every character with powers as nothing but self absorbed mutants to giving credit when they do something… Read more →

The Stronger, the Better

Clearly, taking a graphics novel class would lead students to read more comics. It’s the only way to really understand what the professor’s trying to explain in each lecture. Everything from the style of the comics to the length of the story has an explanation of why the author created such a story. Readers don’t always get the message but… Read more →