Author: nicolefindswords

Donald Duck Fever

So, this week has really had my mind in the gutter. Specifically the shapes of gutters in comics. And since we’ve been talking about Donald Duck and those comics, it’s been really interesting where my mind jumps with other panel breaks and how those are seen as serious versus funny etc. The discussion in class and the assignment for Wednesday… Read more →

Art in the Digital Age

Internet based media- from art or poetry to web-comics and other developing forms- has definitely become a huge phenomenon in recent years. I wanted to open up a discussion about the importance of these kinds of publishing platforms because we’re going to be reading Emily Carroll’s “Through the Woods” soon.  Carroll originally gained some recognition when her comic “His Face… Read more →

Westernizing Manga: Akira and Genre Shifts

Manga is pretty popular in western culture in 2015. And has been for sometime, starting in the mid-1980s. Comic books and manga started becoming more “mainstream” popular together at this point, and Akira definitely led the charge for the manga side. In part because of the movie that came out in 1988, and followed a condensed version of the first volume… Read more →

How Watchmen Made Me Cry

It was chapter twelve. And they were tears of revulsion. This was my second readthrough of Watchmen, and while I definitely got to enjoy it more, instead of being attacked by the wall of text in every panel, I don’t think I liked anymore than I did last time. It’s still pretty pretentious and problematic, but I don’t think that diminishes its… Read more →

Who Watches the Watchmen?

Doctor Manhattan actually.   This is the second time I’ve read Watchmen, and as I’m reading I find more and more to look at and absorb. It’s a vastly complicated universe, and terrifying in its representation of humanity (but I still think it’s pretentious). In this reading, however, I have found more time to observe and mull over Doctor Manhattan.… Read more →