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Spiderman: Old vs New

Major spoilers Over the decades comic books have gotten more and more publicity; becoming a respected form of literature, telling in depth stories that in a different  format than traditional books. As time progresses comics become less focused on the action itself and more on character development; their complicated pasts, moral dilemmas, and their everyday interactions with friends and family.Case… Read more →

Gender Swapping: Escalate or Subdue?

As I began to think about this blog post I couldn’t help but think of this nagging thought: Throughout comic book history the male superhero has been the most predominant character. Their plot lines overlap with each other and many hostile situations have arisen mostly because of male dynamics. This lead me to think interesting question, what would happen to… Read more →

Manga and Proportions

Since the founding of manga in the 1940’s its portrayal of women and men characters has vastly changed, better for some and  worse for others. There are some manga that focuses more on plot and character development while others focus on artwork that will gain more readers (depending on the artists drawing style). This manga focuses on the heroine’s journey… Read more →

The Cost of the American Dream

This post will contain major spoilers to the plot of the Watchmen, please read it or this summary before reading this.               One of the most striking attributes of Alan Moore’s Watchmen is the gritty truth in the effects of people gaining the ‘American Dream’.  The gritty-side of America that people wish to ignore; to believe, with an almost… Read more →