Author: mlestsan

Revising History

In the quest for creating a visually appealing story, authors and/or artists may sacrifice adherence to historical accuracy, for example, the manga Oiran Girl, by Hibiki Wataru (Oiran being Japanese for a courtesan in the red light district). To give some background information, oiran were “prostitutes,” but they were also a little more than that. They went through rigorous training… Read more →

Bad Guys and Their Eyes

Continuing the conversation on comic villains (Jeffery Dahmer: Villain or Person?, Why do fictional villains get all the love?, and Batman Villains and Mental Illnesses are just some of the posts on the characterization of villains), I thought it might be interesting to take a more in depth look into the depiction of the eye. There are an infinite number… Read more →

Art that POPs

                The American Pop Art movement was heavily influenced by the comic style. The Pop Art movement began gathering momentum around the late 1950s. It is unsurprising then that the Pop Art movement drew heavily on comic style as comics rose in popularity in the 1960s. Relying on popular culture, some elements of… Read more →

Mastering Horror: A Comics Study

Warning: Bongcheon-Dong Ghost is a horror webtoon, and as such, this post contains mature themes, images, and other scary stuff. I don’t tend to venture into the realm of horror very often. I happened to stumble across Bongcheon-Dong Ghost by Horang (please take heed of the warning offered at the beginning) after a friend sent me a link. I naturally… Read more →