Author: Laura

Where in the Universe Did Supergirl Come From?

Origin stories are the staple of any superhero character. You could know nothing about the plot of the comic or the name of the creator, but its almost a guarantee that someone will know the origin story of a major superhero. Almost everyone knows that Superman was the last surviving person from Krypton who crashed landed on Earth to avoid… Read more →

What Does Nuclear Mean to You?

The dropping of the two atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki forever changed the world as we knew it. Suddenly countries were battling in a cold war over a nuclear arms race, and widespread panic over nuclear weapons and radiation fallout spread like wildfire. What also was changed, was pop culture , and specifically for this article, comics. In America, nuclear… Read more →

Can You Turn a Man into a Woman?

In real life, we do know that the answer to this question is yes, biologically we can change a man into a women. Does the same apply for changing the gender of a well known, iconic figure in superhero lore. Marvel did just this in 2014, releasing a female Thor comic into the public. I ,for one, say its about… Read more →

Do You Really Need to Guide My View?

Digital comics have become a very convenient source for people to consume comics in a more cost effective way as well as environmentally friendly manner. Consumers have every comic at the touch of their fingertips in one seemingly endless space.  What many readers haven’t considered is how digital comics shape not only how we read the text, but how we interpret the… Read more →