Author: lexi.darnell.

Creating a Comic

When I first heard that we were doing a web-comic in this class I got very excited. I have always found web-comics fascinating, and completely tooting my own horn, have had an idea I thought would be good with one for ages, the only problem: I cannot draw to save my life. So upon hearing about the assignment, I had… Read more →

My One Problem with “What It Is”

I have very much enjoyed our conversation throughout the week on What It Is. I have just personally found it difficult to connect with the book itself. With all of the other materials we have read this semester, it was rather easy for me to read it, process it, and then move forward with it. But there is something about What… Read more →

Reflection on Rosie

  One of the things that stuck with me the most during our discussions last week of Eisner’s Contract With God, was our discussions about “The Super,” and more specifically how we all had such varying opinions about Rosie and what Rosie’s intentions were during that story. What I found so particularly interesting about this discussion was how varied the… Read more →