Author: Lindsay Bennett

Kudos to Moore

I went to the graphic novel class library to see what different types of articles my fellow students had looked at for our annotated bibliography assignment. I saw many similar articles on the symbolism of superheroes and how comics help children learn but one struck my attention about feminism and race. I am aware that any topic no matter how… Read more →

Superhero or Super villain?

Franklin Harris wrote an article focusing on Watchmen and other politically centered comics, or graphic novels, as he credited Watchmen as being the very first reason for the category of graphic novels. The biggest difference between the main superhero characters in Watchmen  verses those in Batman and Iron-man  is that they are protagonists that solve all of the worlds problems instead of Moore’s characters who lack the… Read more →

Movie or Novel?

After watching the brief clips of Watchmen I decided to look into other recent movies that derived from graphic novels. I not only heard bad reviews of Watchmen the movie in class, but from other peers I spoke to as well. I became curious to see if all comics are better left as is, in print. My original answer to… Read more →

Why so Sad Charlie Brown?

I am fairly new to the genre of comics and graphic novels. The only time I ever read them were in a newspaper out of boredom; I never put much thought into how they were stories similar to a novel, just much shorter. The more I started to think about comic strips as graphic novels I saw similarities to different… Read more →