Author: kwilsher

Maybe Wertham Was Right: the Dangers of The Rapeman

Since the birth of the comic book industry, there has been concern as to the effects comics might have on children, and one of the most prominent critics in this regard was Frederic Wertham.  Many of us are familiar with Wertham’s book published in 1954, Seduction of the Innocent, in which he made several claims regarding the danger that comic books… Read more →

Superheros Come Out: Breaking the Taboo of Homosexuality in Superhero Comics

Since the emergence of the superhero comic in American society, romantic relationships have played a pivotal role in the lives of almost every single protagonist. Male superheroes have been represented as celebrations of stereotypical masculinity, employing their great, brute strength in order to complete great acts of bravery and valor, and then after inevitably defeating their foes, they further prove… Read more →

Wartime Propaganda

The first purpose of comics or “image-text” is usually thought to be entertainment, but one intent that is often overlooked is the use of comics for wartime propaganda. This type of propaganda comes in a variety of image-text mediums, such as comic books sold to children as well as posters meant to be seen by the general public. Propaganda posters… Read more →

Censoring the Man of Steel

Since his debut in the American comic industry in the 1930s, Superman has become one of the most widely recognized and popularized superheroes in the world. Even those who do not necessarily read the comics themselves are aware of the character’s muscular physique and superhuman abilities due to his appearance in a variety of locations such as movies, cereal boxes,… Read more →