Author: Kelsey

So I Have a Webcomic…Now What?

Congratulations! If you are reading this, then chances are, you have spent copious amounts of time, and exerted copious amounts of sweat, blood, and tears in order to have a webcomic! But, you may have a problem…of not having many readers. Or, occasionally, not having any readers. So, what do you do? Well, there’s several things that you can do.… Read more →

Beefcakes vs. Bishounen: A Comparison of Comic Book and Manga Male Characters

Having thumbed through comics books and graphic novels in the bookstores over the years, I’ve noticed something about them: Every leading male character has the sculpted look to them, with muscles larger than life and virtually every ounce of fat sucked out. Their jaws are always chiseled  their biceps are always bulging, and they always have buns of steel.   And… Read more →

Not Your Mama’s Comics: Graphic Novel Adaptations of Famous Literature

Go into any bookstore, have a look around, and you’ll notice something you probably didn’t notice two or three years ago. More and more already-published books are being adapted into graphic novels and sold alongside their prose counterparts. It seems to be a fairly common trend with books intended for teenagers. Stephanie Meyer’s runaway teen hit, the Twilight Saga, has… Read more →