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Fun Home and Zotero

Tuesdays class we talked about Fun Home through a political lens: Here, using Storify, I was able to collect the tweeets that I tweeted during class about the various topics that we discussed in class and what other students talked about. I was also able to go more in-depth with the discussion that we had by adding little notes above… Read more →

History Courses should use Graphic Novels as their “required” Textbooks

History is a fascinating and interesting topic. Students learn about the developments of their own countries, the cultures that have come about, the inventions that we see today, the understanding of our civilizations, and the wars that seem to never end. While history can teach us all of that and more, there are a few limitations. History is taught differently… Read more →

Relection on our Favorite Annoying Know it All.

This past Tuesday we finished the graphic novel Asterios Polyp, and similar to Watchmen, we were all kind of confused by the ending. Many interesting debates stirred the class that led to theories that most of us would have never thought of. Some students were annoyed with the ending, were Asterios asks existential questions through out the text, but they… Read more →

Now everyone wants to go to Comic-Con

In the midst of all things new and exciting, Comic-Con returns in July 2015! The essence of all things comic is being kept alive with the yearly convention, Comic-Con held in the San Diego Convention Center. Comic-Con has been around since 1970. It began with Shel Dorf, Ken Krueger, and Richard Alf. Comic-Con was initially a one-day event referred to as… Read more →

What It Is, Watchmen

I have created a story on Storify to reflect what we learned on Tuesday’s class on the two articles that we read for class. One article read into the symmetry of Watchmen while the other one read into the representation of post traumatic stress among the different characters, but especially Dr. Manhattan. Here is the public link.   On Thursday,… Read more →

Naruto’s Never Ending Story

My second eldest brother loves video games and Naruto. I first watched the anime, a style of Japanese animation, with him back in 2011 or 2012 and instantly loved the characters. From then, I started the first episode and watched all 220 of them in one summer. It was great, I was invested in the story and characters and I knew… Read more →

Our Week with Will Eisner

This past week, our class started our first text, A Contract with God by Will Eisner. The graphic novel is divided into four chapters that for the most part are not relatable. Dr. Whalen also taught us how to use Gimp. On Tuesday we started off the class being taught how to use Gimp for our disassembly projects. Professor Whalen taught us with… Read more →