Author: ksanborn

History can be interesting?

I really enjoyed Fun Home, the style and story of it, and while March is similar because they are both grounded in fact the change in tone was a little jarring at first. Nonetheless I am liking March. The art is not only beautiful to look at but it is very well thought out and purposeful. It expresses a lot… Read more →

A New Kind of Authority

The Authority has a reputation for being experimental and breaking down many of the classic comic book tropes. It was first published in 1999 under Wildstorm who is owned by DC Comics. The Authority is most noted for having pro-feminist ideals, featuring one of the first openly gay superhero couples, and having a team of benevolent superheroes that eventually usurps… Read more →

Overload of Imagery

I’m really enjoying What it Is but I find myself having to remind myself to look at the whole page and take in all of the images. I’m used to reading text first and then getting a general idea of what the image looks like and moving on. Even though I’m a huge comic book fan I often gloss over… Read more →

“No Girls Allowed!” – Cartoon Network’s Unofficial Motto for Superheroes

  Even though the female audience in comic books and superheroes is becoming more acknowledged these days much of the genre is still geared towards males. Especially when it comes to the television shows and merchandise. This became apparent after the cancellation of Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series on Cartoon Network. Both shows had a dedicated fanbase… Read more →

A Cheery Ball of Sunshine and Pain

  Since the very beginning comic books about superheroes have always been drastically tailored to fit their audience at that time. At the start of superhero comics, the end of the Great Depression, the desire was just for light hearted stories where good always won out over evil. It was very in-line with all of pop culture at the time.… Read more →