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Fun Home: A Reflection on Family

The first time I ever heard about Fun Home was in reference to the Broadway musical when I was last in New York City visiting my brother. And though we were never able to win lottery tickets to go see it over the summer for an affordable price, we still plan on going to see it at some point in… Read more →

Parental Advisory, or Lack Thereof

While discussing Donald Duck in class the other day, a few of my classmates got on the topic of the nephews featured in “Vacation Time” and how their parents were never really mentioned or shown in the comics. This then dissolved into a discussion about how many Disney characters lack parents or their presence is basically nonexistent. After some further… Read more →

The Power of the Pose

Back in 2012 when commercials and advertising for The Avengers began to saturate media everywhere, one poster in particular caught people’s attention. It peaked one artist interest so much that they choose to draw a parody image to emphasis how ridiculous the posing of women truly is by applying it to men in the movie poster. In Conor’s article about how… Read more →

The Beauty of the Webcomic

I would like to start out by saying that I have never read any widely circulated popular American comics such as, Superman or Spider-Man. However, that fact aside I have read quite a bit of manga and webcomics over the last few years. And one of the aspects of webcomics that I especially love is seeing how an artist’s art… Read more →

How do you Solve a Problem like Religion?

Religion has turned into a funny thing. Well, for me anyways. After reading the first part of A Contract with God by Will Eisner, I couldn’t help but see a parallel between your average Christian churchgoer and Frimme Hersh. Being raised in your typical Christian home has all the stereotypical experiences that people general associate with it, such as attending… Read more →

To Adapt, or Not to Adapt

For many viewers an adaption of a beloved piece of fiction, whether it be a novel or comic, can spell utter disaster. Adaptions often seem to leave much to be desired, but for a select few I would argue adaptions have the capacity to substantially enhance a work as a whole. Another fellow blogger, mkarrs, elaborates further on particular aspects that… Read more →