Author: kfortier

Another ‘Swallow Me Whole’ Theory

In response to Kate’s theory post, I have done some research on death among schizophrenics. From what I found, early death is very common among people diagnosed with schizophrenia. There were many speculations in the class over how Ruth may have died. Kate’s theory is suicide, and while she may be right (she makes many valid points, and there is… Read more →

Hark, a webcomic!

In her webcomic, “Hark, a vagrant!” artist Kate Beaton uses a unique style of both art and content to create one of the most popular online comic strips today. Her simple art style consisting only of pen over pencil sketches, nevertheless show emotion and depth of characters throughout. Each webcomic is a different historical, literary, or pop culture reference. I… Read more →

Women’s role in “A Contract with God”

In Will Eisner’s graphic novel “A Contract with God,” women play interesting roles in each of the stories. Ranging from minor characters, to beloved daughters, and even possible nymphomaniacs, Eisner gives us a strange view of women throughout the novel. The first woman we see playing a pivotal role is Frimme Hersh’s daughter Rachele. She seems to have been the… Read more →