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Why Large-Scale Conflict fits Graphic Novel Genre

In my short time studying Graphic Novels, I’ve noticed a trend in which many storytellers are choosing to describe large-scale conflict in the style of a comic. The most recent example of this practice is David Axe’s new graphic novel, Army of God: Joseph Kony’s War in Central Africa.  The book was released in March, according to The Guardian, and… Read more →

Journalism: Graphic Novel Style

The field of journalism is always expanding, looking for new and creative ways to spread information and ideas.  With the aide of the Internet, these advancements seem to spring up almost daily.  As a college senior pursuing a career in journalism, I have a specific interest in these advancements.  I’m intrigued by the prospect of new media, especially since it… Read more →

Death is the Only Escape in Watchmen

For the past couple weeks, I’ve been reading Watchmen for the first time, and I must say that I’m totally captivated by how dark the graphic novel is.  Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons have a unique way of creating beauty through rather morbid storytelling—I can see how Watchmen sort of kick started the “Dark Age” of comic books in the… Read more →

Pros and Cons of Spatial Juxtaposition in Comics

As Scott McCloud wrestles with the definition of “comics” in chapter one of Understanding Comics, “Setting the Record Straight,” he come up with “sequential visual art” as a plausible definition for comics.  However, as pointed out by a member of McCloud’s audience, who appears to be a silhouette of Bugs Bunny, that definition does not distinguish comics from animation. This… Read more →