Author: Kerry

The (Possibly) Unnoticed in The Unwritten

As is now becoming a habit, I’d like to point out a few interesting details in Mike Carey and Peter Gross’s The Unwritten: Tommy Taylor and the Bogus Identity. If you noticed them, I congratulate you and feel free to ignore this blog! If you are interested in other elements of The Unwritten, vol 1, check out kkutnak’s post on Fonts.… Read more →

Thinking Outside the Box:Dynamic Paneling

Panels act like the lens of a camera, limiting the reader’s access to the diegetic world of the narrative. Mostly they are taken for granted as basic shapes that serve to separate individual moments and views. Sometimes, however, an artist will subvert traditional paneling and give the divisions between the images a whole new meaning.   This happens in Eisner’s A Contract with God on… Read more →