Author: olingo

Chick Tracts

Ever heard of Chick Tracts? Seek ye enlightenment? Jack T. Chick is a protestant comic artist who, over the span of about 50 years, has created over 100 short comic series’s dealing with issues ranging from abortion and drug abuse to Dungeons and Dragons (yup). The tracts serve as a form of protestant Christian propaganda, and tend to lean towards… Read more →

Winged Centaurs and Plant Monsters

Today I will be examining two of the alien species depicted in Hope Larson’s adaptation of Madeleine L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time; the winged centaurs of Uriel and the plant monsters from Ixchel. I’m leaving out the people on Camazotz because they are humans (I assume), they just exist in a different version of reality, and also because this post… Read more →

A Tool for Artists

If you’re thinking about drawing comics, a tool you might want to check out is Pose Maniacs. On the Pose Maniacs website you can browse through hundreds of 3D figure poses for free. Many of the poses are also depicted from several different angles, and you can change your view of the figure once you have selected a pose by… Read more →

Awkward Action Poses

Typically when people think of superhero comics, they think of action-packed fight scenes and daring rescues. What most people don’t think of, or at least what I didn’t think of until very recently, is the challenge comic artists face in making a static image on a flat surface appear dynamic. Some of that work will be done by the reader’s… Read more →