Author: kdaehnke

Video Games and Comics, Inspiration or Betrayal

All throughout my life I’ve been somewhat of an avid gamer. Whether it be spending quarters at the arcade or playing battlefront on PS2, video games always offered an incredibly immersive experience. Comics also provide this immersion, but traditionally use still images and description instead of sound and animation. In addition to this shared expression, comics and video games also… Read more →

Separating Watchmen from Reality

I can recall reading Alan Moore, and David Gibbons, “Watchmen” when I was in freshman year of high school. It was one of the first graphic novels that I had ever read and I can honestly say it made me think more than I ever thought a simple comic could. One of the most entertaining things about Watchmen is how easily… Read more →

Life In and Of the City

While we were discussing “The City” by Frans Masereel one discussion point really caught my attention. Alot of people had ideas on whether or not there are main characters who appear in several panels but not in sequence. When we think about what’s essential for a novel, one of the first things that comes to mind is characters. A novel… Read more →