Author: kcarbajo

Almost for Children: The Whimsy and Morbid in Emily Carroll’s “Through the Woods”

I could not resist the temptation of picking up Emily Carroll’s graphic novel “Through the Woods” this past weekend. I’ve always been a fan of children’s books with a slightly morbid twist, one of my favorites being Alvin Schwartz’s “Scary Stories to Tell in The Dark” which is arguably a hauntingly terrifying book for children to read. Carroll’s work is just… Read more →

What are thoughts?

On more than one occasion while reading Lynda Barry’s graphic novel “What it is” I’ve tried to pause and think about what it is exactly that unsettles me about her creative style throughout the book.  In the beginning it took a few pages in for me to shake the feeling that I was  falling down a rabbit hole. There seemed to… Read more →

Synesthesia: A Modern Day Superpower

In the world of science fiction there is almost no limit to the talent or abilities a superhero might possess. The word superhero itself has the power to conjure up many fantastical images and anomalies, and the characters who exhibit these qualities infuse the genre with a certain uniqueness and excitement. From an early age I’ve always been fascinated with… Read more →