Author: kbusch

Accuracy of Mental Illness in Swallow Me Whole

After reading Swallow Me Whole, I was interested in looking at the graphic novel’s overall representation of mental illness but specifically its how it translates schizophrenia onto graphic images. I don’t pretend to be an expert on mental illness at all also, so anyone reading this with more knowledge on the subject please feel free to chime in. So Swallow Me Whole… Read more →

Sexism in Watchmen?

                                              This is my first time reading Watchmen and and after having read through chapter 9 I’m still struggling to decide if Watchmen is sexist or not. So bare with me as I try to sort it all… Read more →

Contract with God and the Problem of Evil

For as long as the idea of god has existed, humanity has tried to reason out what God is and is not. How does God operate, what are his/her/its characteristics? There are many different theories about God but for the purposes of this blog post I will address the God that Frimme Hersh encounters, the theistic God. The major Abrahamic… Read more →