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Up with Rating, Down with Banning

In class this week we started to read Fun Home. We have also been discussing the various controversies that have surrounded the teaching of this work at other colleges and schools. As well as having a lengthy discussion about banning books. Personally I myself do not think that books are something that should be banned. Not all books are appropriate… Read more →

Going Behind the Page

  Some people could look at a graphic novel, comic book, or web comic and can think that seems easy enough to do. Create some characters, draw some background and some action. Add in some dialogue, maybe a little narration, a story plot and you have a graphic novel or web comic. Sounds and seems easy, right? However it is… Read more →

Tale of Two Cities

It was middle school when I first started reading manga, but watching anime did not come until college and the subscription to Netflix, because sometimes good English dubs are hard to find. Even though I had been reading Manga for years at this point I had not read anything as intense or graphic as Akira. I guess to some people… Read more →

Rice Ball in the Produce Aisle

Manga the Japanese style of graphic novel has become a big sensation in the United States, but where is a beginning reader to start? Some manga can be graphic and intense in a variety of ways. For someone who wants a little of everything, love, drama, fighting, ancient prophecy, animals, Fruits Baskets is the starting place to begin.    … Read more →


This week in class we have been discussing What is it by Lynda Barry. An apply named title for this piece of work. I have yet to figure out what it is exactly. A graphic novel, a literary art piece, a collage of ideas, or a Rorschach-esqe journal. Perhaps even some kind of Hodge podge combination of several. With my… Read more →

Snapshots of a broken city

During class this week we have been discussing Will Eisner’s Contract with God, which some would say is the first true graphic novel. Through illustration we were taking through four stories that take place in an American city during the Great Depression. I also is a commentary about how people with different characters react to the things thrown their way… Read more →

Golden Boy: The Cap 60 years later

  A man in a uniform always makes a statement. Especially when he’s a 6’2 , 220 pounds of pure muscle, all American boy, super solider. Captain America isn’t only  the favorite  son of the United States, he is also the Golden Boy of the Golden Age of Comics. Which is something spectacular considering that Captain America has been a… Read more →