Author: jrandal2

Color, Yin-and-Yang, and the Metapicture

this post contains spoilers Asterios Polyp, more than any of the other graphic novel’s we have read so far, uses an abstract way of showing emotions and feelings of separation and closeness that is not simply through facial emotions or text.  One such way is Mazzucchelli’s use of color.  Instead of using black for panel borders, text, and outlines of… Read more →

The Gutter in The Secret of Kells

In previous blog posts, other members of our community  have written about ways that film and comics have become intertwined, either through adaptations of comics, or comic adaptations of movies. There has been a few mentions of how the comic environment has been recreated in movies, and one such part of the comic that I would like to focus on… Read more →

Graphic Novel to Novel: Mary Jane

There has been lots of talk lately on the blog about how novels are being transformed into graphic novels, for example young adult books like Twilight to Shakespearean classics. However, no one has pointed out how it can go the other way too. I can only think of this one example, but I am sure that there are many others… Read more →