Author: jordanriser

A new appreciation for the graphic novel

As our comics are wrapping up this week and we are presenting them on Friday, I feel it necessary to reflect on the process and my newly acquired appreciation of writers and artists that construct the graphic novel. At the first thought of constructing the comic I thought it would be just an overall fun experience. Although it has been… Read more →

What is the original?

For my blog post this week I want to focus on the Scott McCloud reading we did: “Vocabulary of Comics” in Understanding Comics. One of the reasons I choose this particular topic to talk about is because, as an English major, we are always finding something to analyze. Whether this be understanding what a particular phrase or line means, understanding… Read more →

Is it real? Or is it a disillusion?

For my reflection this week, I want to expand on the idea of memory, specifically  illusion versus disillusionment. We have talked about this in class and a few have mentioned it in the blog but I would like to extend the conversation based on our reading for the week: Lynda Barry, What It Is. One of the main quotes that… Read more →

Reflection: Symmetry

In our discussion on Friday, we talked a lot about the role of symmetry throughout the text. I wanted to extend the conversation on it because I am still not sure what exactly Moore’s intentions are with the reoccurring theme. At first glance I saw it as simply an artistic element that just enhanced the images in the text. But… Read more →


  At first glance of the original comic (the left one) it is clearly showing relationship abuse as “young romance”. Not only is the original image called violence “romance” but it also claims that these are “true encounters” with love. I choose this comic because of the misrepresentation of romance and love. Also, our society seems to highlight and accept… Read more →

Time and Space

In recent discussions throughout class we have talked about all the elements of a graphic novel including color, animation, characters, and text. While doing some further research into the aspects of graphic novels I came across an academic paper about the fourth dimension that pulled me and I wanted to expand on this idea. One of the most important concepts… Read more →

Is This Really Just Black and White?

While reflecting on our class discussion of The City  I know we touched briefly on the theme of violence/exploitation towards women, more specifically, the female body. Although we did not go into much detail or discussion about it, this topic does need more attention. It is fair enough to say that the violence against women is depicted through the text,… Read more →