Author: Jason Nemeth

Space and time in panels

In the past couple of weeks we have discussed much on how the layout of a comic fundamentally affects the story being told.  Unlike most images, which usually depict a single frozen moment in time, a panel in a comic can show a wide range of passing time.  Though this is most obviously shown through layered speech bubbles in conversation… Read more →

Cyanide & Happiness and Situational Humor

Cyanide & Happiness is another of the few web-comics I know about.  Despite its consistent minimalism, it seems to have a unique comedic feel within the realm of comics.  The characters are little more than stick figures, nameless and only differentiated by the color of their clothes, and the backgrounds are almost always plain white.  This leaves the focus of… Read more →

The Killing Joke

In the past couple of weeks, we’ve focused on Alan Moore’s through Watchmen.  With all that we have discussed on him as context, I thought it would be interesting to look at another of his famous graphic novels, Batman: The Killing Joke.  Despite having very different plots, themes, and structures, the two books have much in common through Moore’s writing… Read more →

The Structure of Watchmen

I have read watchmen many times now, and had thought that I knew almost everything about my favourite graphic novel.  The story and themes are so layered that you always seem to get something new out of the book from each read.  On this read-through with our class, I was pleased to see that there is yet another interesting aspect… Read more →

xkcd: Master of Shortform

I have never been in the habit of reading web comics.  While they can be entertaining, I usually don’t find them as compelling or fun as regular comic books or graphic novels.  In any form of entertainment, not just comics, I prefer the long form style of writing.  It lends itself well to writing developed characters and interesting stories.  However,… Read more →