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Peanuts Through Time

Although Charles Schulz was first denied the publishing of his comic “L’il Folks” in 1947, he decided not to give up on his dream and kept pushing it. In 1950 Schulz dream came true and published his comic under the name that would become a culture sensation, the “Peanuts”. The “Peanuts” have had many Iconic characters in the past 65… Read more →

Scott Pilgrim vs The Movie

Scott Pilgrim ,created by Bryan Lee O’Malley,  was inspired by the manga style of comic in 2004. Later this westernized manga would become a New York Times best-selling graphic novel series. Then in 2010 it would get adapted into a major motion picture. For those who don’t know what the Scott Pilgrim series is about its about a twenty-three year old… Read more →

The Frames Movement

One of the things that we were analyzing was the structure of a panel in a graphic novel. The panels in a graphic novel aren’t just meant to be a panel holding an event, action or moment. They were designed to guide the reader in a way so that they can follow the continuation of the action in a graphic… Read more →

The Movement of Manga (reflection)

Akira by Katsuhiro Otomo can be said to be one of the first manga that really introduced this type of graphic novel to the rest of the world. Manga is Japanese for comic or cartoon, but according to the Websters Dictionary, in other part of the world it is known as comics that come from Japan. What really makes a… Read more →


The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was intended to be an innocent idea by creators Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird. Created during a casual brainstorming session by Eastman in 1984. Parodying the popular comics of the 1980’s Marvels, Daredevil and New Mutants.   [Original concept art]   With their tax refund and a loan from Eastman’s uncle they were able to… Read more →

12 Pieces (Reflection)

    In twelve seconds many thoughts can rush through ones minds. Time ticks this way for Dr. Manhattan at least and in that time his conveyed. From his obsession with the meticulous construction of pocket watch to the meaning behind the hydrogen atom burned on his forehead.This was a a grand introduction for one of the most influential beings… Read more →

The Imaginary friend (Disassembly)

  The Story of Calvin and Hobbes is about a boy and his Stiffed Tiger which he imagines to life. But if we made Hobbes as just an imaginary friend. To add a little more visual realism lets observe the comic of him talking to Hobbes while he is making toast. One can say this perspective is what the parents… Read more →

The Growth of a Boy and His Toy

Calvin and Hobbes is a graphic novel of a 6 year old and his stuffed tiger Hobbes, but there’s more to it. Creator Bill Watterson makes the comic evolve throughout the years that he was writing it. Although Calvin himself didn’t grow up his curiosity and open mindedness increases.  The  comic goes from dealing with issues a child would find… Read more →

The Faces of Die Stadt

Details are a part of this graphic novel, not to just portray certain actions to certain events during each cut but to also give “The City” a lustrous environment and also gives it a persona of its own. From the expression of the stray cats in one of the wood cuts to the different expression of both the people and… Read more →