Author: jblocky

Making a Cartoon Reality

Last week after reading “Vacation Time,” I was super excited to recreate the comic using my group members and I. We had quite the laugh trying to make the insane faces and confusing poses that Donald and the other animals made in the comic. It was actually pretty difficult to contort our bodies into some positions, such as the panel… Read more →

Political Cartoons: Are they Comics?

Election season is rolling around, which means the country is seeing an abundance of political cartoons. These cartoons come in many forms, including small, one-panel caricatures, or multi-panel pieces. Either way, these cartoons are all forms of political satire, meant to make fun of politicians, or raise awareness of social issues. Political cartoons may have the appearance of comics, but… Read more →

Yu-Gi-Oh: A Transmedia Case Study

I remember in third grade hearing about a trading card game called “Yu-Gi-Oh,” and I thought it was the strangest thing. Then everyone I knew started buying the cards, and “dueling” at recess, so I had to see what all the fuss was about. Like everyone else, I quickly became addicted to the card game, spending tons and tons of… Read more →

Holy Character Design Batman!

As comic books have evolved over the years, their stories and characters have grown as well. Golden age superheroes have been given sleek new looks, and darker storylines as comics move into the modern, or dark age. Out of all of the golden age heroes, it seems as though Batman has undergone the most change, which can be most seen… Read more →

The Memory in Images

After reading Watchmen, I had no idea which direction the class would go. Lynda Berry’s graphic novel was not at all what I was expecting. I wasn’t expecting a graphic novel that would make me look inside myself. The two lessons we have done so far, although very similar, made my remember two very different points in my life. I… Read more →

Would you Change?

After reading Eisner’s The Street Singer, one question really stuck with me. If you were given the opportunity to turn your life around, would you actually take it? Most people would likely say that they would do anything, if only given the chance, but in the case of Eddie the street singer, he squanders the excellent opportunity that he’s given… Read more →

The Comic Auteur

In film studies, one popular concept is known as “auteur theory.” The auteur is classified as the film “artist,” and can be identified in a couple ways. First, the auteur must have a certain style that sets them apart from other directors/ auteurs. This can be seen through many different elements, such as color palette, lighting, use of the same… Read more →