Author: imalone

Death of the Comic Book Character?

Recently Marvel and DC have published official release dates for a number of movies titles, stretching out to 2020. This along with Fox and Sony’s release schedules for X-men, Fantastic Four, and Spiderman related titles means that the cinematic universe is going to be flooded with superhero movies for at least half a decade.  It appears that five or more… Read more →

Read Between the Lines

On Thursday we discussed Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics, in particular the role lettering plays in comics. As a form of literature comics project meaning very differently than a novel or an essay. The most glaring difference is the visual reference that makes up a substantial part of the actual storytelling. While the words are important, there are far fewer words… Read more →

Superheroine: Taking the Lead!

From the creative teams and their readers, to the heroes themselves, the world of comics is filled with men. Why wouldn’t it be? With the dominance of male driven story lines, for years it has seemed as though companies like DC and Marvel could care less about marketing towards women. It is hard to find comics with a strong female… Read more →