Author: Grant

But is it Art?

While there have been many interesting discussions about our current text, Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home, I’ve had a question which I don’t think I can properly structure or is something that could contribute to the conversation in a significant way. Sequential art has more or less become the blanket term for the medium of comic books and graphic novels. It’s… Read more →

The Living Dead Industry

T’is the season of the witch and as such I think I’ll take the time to talk about horror comics. Shamefully, horror comics are not as common as they once were, what with an industry dominated by the superhero “genre” thanks to DC and Marvel. The Vergito imprint owned by DC Comics has served to help many horror titles like… Read more →

On Creative Minds

In our reading of What It Is several weeks ago, the idea of creativity and where one’s sources of it lie came up as a reoccurring topic. The book offers many methods and means meant to bloom someone’s creativity however I like to think I come from a different point of view. For me, the notion that one can in… Read more →

A Brave New World

Back in 2011, DC Comics rebooted their entire continuity in a heavily publicized event called “The New 52” The goal of which was to create a better streamlined universe that was much more reader friendly. However, due to a lack long term planning and discussion on what exactly was or wasn’t in continuity, the New 52 is nothing short of… Read more →

A Land Where Only Gods Can Walk

As our course unit on Watchmen comes to a close I feel there are a couple things left unsaid. The class has been thorough in its examination of the text, revealing whole new perspectives and themes I hadn’t recognized before. However, one thing I did notice was that when discussing the ending was how very splintered everyone was. Many of… Read more →

Watching Watchmen

Wrapping up our classes look at Watchmen, I’d like to dust off a forgotten gem, the unfortunately short lived cartoon: Watchmen the Animated Series [youtube width=”850″ height=”688″][/youtube] Made by DiC Enterprises (the same animation studio behind The Real Ghostbuters), this adaptation takes place after the events of the miniseries. Shockingly, the original writing team was a literal powerhouse of talented… Read more →

Of the Unsung Shining Knight

Way back in March of 2013, a news story hit about DC Comics outing their first transgender character within the pages of Batgirl. Said character was Alysia Yoeh, a bisexual transwoman of color, who happened to be Batgirl’s roommate. This was done by then Batgirl writer, Gail Simone as an effort to create more visible members of gender, romantic, and… Read more →

What’s in a Name?

I’d like to start my first work for this blog to address something of a concern of mine which while I consider important, not necessarily interesting enough to go into outside of this type of format. As someone who’s been only really following comics for the last three to four years, one thing that’s always bothered me is the classification… Read more →