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The Amazing Super-Hero Experience

As ridiculous as it might sound, Peter Parker’s life is a great example of how being a super hero would actually kind of suck. Parker was just your average nerd, pretty quiet and not so stellar with the ladies – probably your standard first world problems. However after being bitten by a radioactive spider, Parker still has all those everyday… Read more →

Do you know about Craig Thompson?

Craig Thompson is a highly acclaimed graphic novelist, who actually writes as well illustrates his books. This is a particularly impressive feat, being able to write and to illustrate as well as he does. So well in fact that three of his four full length publications have won Eisner awards. It was his second graphic novel Blankets, which initially sparked my interest… Read more →

V for Villain

Alan Moore’s and David Loyd’s  acclaimed graphic novel V for Vendetta is one of my favorites, for a plethora of reasons. However as the story progresses it never seems quite clear to the reader as to whether or not the character V is a hero or a villain. While V operates against a fascist regime that has taken hold in England after a devastating… Read more →

Between the Devil and God

Will Eisner’s graphic novel A Contract with God, is named for the first story in the book and is about just that: a man named Frimme Hersh making a contract with god. Unfortunately as the story progresses Hersh feels that god has violated their contract and so  forsaken, he decides to shed his pious and goodhearted-nature in favor of a more… Read more →